Je ne comprend pas

I'm too consumed with my own life
I neglected you again
I put me above you and honestly I think I fucked it up
She told me she loved me but I do not deserve your love
I need some reasons to live, maybe you could show me some
The same person that I need is the one I'm running from
I don't know why

Pourquoi je fais ça?

I never knew somebody like you
You told me I'm sick in the head
And I agree with you
The sickness began with the meds
And I'm feeling numb from all these xans

Ça doit arrêter, arrêter tout de suite

She said,
"Don't forget you owe me one"
I wish I was more of a man
I know that I made mistakes with these white lines
But I want to fix them now

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Ozone by Chase Atlantic