there is a blog on tumblr i like very much, and i thought I could answer the questions here.

rose - describe your crush.
light eyes, dark hair, medium height. beautiful smile that hypnotizes you. feeling of nervousness but enthusiasm when you are with him.

flowers, rose, and pink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

he is my senior.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It flowers, sunset, and sky image

cherry-blossom - do you believe in love at first sight?
yes, i do

alternative, blossom, and pintrest image pink, japan, and flowers image

daisy - what’s your best childhood memory?
i can not choose just one. i will say that the trip with my whole family in europe

alternative, daisy, and flowers image cool, europe, and pleasant image

daffodil - which colour suits you best?
camel and burgundy

black, outfit, and style image blue, daffodil, and flowers image daffodil, flower, and nostalgia image burgundy, dark red, and Dream image

peony - do you put more value in honour or truth?

peonies image coffee, flowers, and peonies image

iris - favourite 90s song?

flowers, pink, and aesthetic image nirvana, kurt cobain, and grunge image
Come as you are 1991, Nirvana
blossom, iris, and floral image r.e.m. image
Losing my religion 1991, REM
adventure, beauty, and aesthetics image James Hetfield, Jason Newsted, and metallica image
Nothing else matters 1991, Metallica

sunflower - sun or moon?

art, yellow, and flowers image Image by Em

narcissus - your best physical feature?
my back

Mature image flowers image

freesia - are you still friends with the person you considered your best friend two years ago?
yes, we are best friends

flower, spring, and flowers image friends, shadow, and tumblr image flowers and pink image grunge, tumblr, and friends image

orchid - favourite fruit?

Image by Jana Whitt strawberry, food, and fruit image

violet - have you had your first kiss?

art, flowers, and purple image lesbian, kiss, and gay image

gypsophila - do you prefer many distant friends, or a few close friends?
few close friends

Image by pinkglitterunicorn12 gypsophila elegans and floowres image

gerbera - neon or pastel?

pink, flowers, and aesthetic image flowers image
day ; pastel
pink, aesthetic, and neon image art, pink, and neon image
night ; neon

carnation - does true love exist?
i know couples that make me believe in it

flowers, pink, and nature image flowers, pink, and rose image

alstroemeria - dream vacation?
interrail trip

travel, train, and adventure image flower, girly, and nature image

anemone - were you ever interested in greek mythology?
i like the ancient culture but i prefer egyptian mythology than greek

anemone, beautiful, and cute image anemone image egyptian, passport, and world image aesthetic image

cymbidium - sexuality?

beautiful, flower, and macro image asexual, bisexual, and yuri image

rhododendron - what’s your biggest fear?
not enough and fail

hands, white, and nails image design, flower, and rhododendron image

tulip - lucky number?
9 or 11

Image removed flowers, rose, and nature image

gladiolus - who do you look up to most?
my dad

aesthetic, art, and dark image aesthetic, girl, and happy image

snapdragon - favourite mythical creature?
griffin / gryphon

theme, feather, and aesthetic image gryphon and white image

hydrangea - proudest moment?
when i entered my medical school

flowers, purple, and blue image Image by Anicetosays

heather - what’s your favourite musical?
les misérables

autumn, cardigan, and fall image france, les miserables, and les mis image

delphinium - what’s your star sign - does it suit you?
i'm leo ; in 13 degrees
and yes i think that it suit me

blossom, delphinium, and pastels image zodiac, astrology, and Libra image
but also i feel identified with my ascendant gemini

ginger - favourite food?

food, pasta, and cheese image food, pasta, and cheese image

the end

- 𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓮