hi people! today was 15/100 days of productivity, well i have to tell you that this is not easy because you have to be productive, you know :´D and for me its something difficult because i love study but at the same time i love doing nothing, its complicated, but i wanna do it!

backpack, college, and school image autumn, garden, and college image
that its my backpack, i like white and that its part of my college its so green i love it ♥
college, notes, and school image aesthetic, old, and university image
that its what i had to studied, the book and the wall that its look me aesthetic.

this day was very nice! the weather was some cloudly and cold and i love that ´cause i´m a winter lover ♥ and here is winter its coming! YES although you do not believe it.
so today i went to college to study for change my routine, of always studying in my room, and it was different i liked.
i studied chemistry and some biochemistry notes´s while ate some cookies and drunk so much water, one of my tips its this take a lot of water because i heard that the brain it have to be hydrous, be it tea, coffee, but drink water.
then at 5:30 pm i came back to my house and i had a short nap and then finish my day with my family and food ☺
i really felt good today, and so grateful for this day, oh thats its important too be grateful at the end of every single day for the good and bad things that happened in the day.

well i hope you like it, and thank u for the support and the hearts i really apreciate it! ☺
see you in the next time! ♥