• hailey, female, she/her
  • teenager


hair, curly, and hairstyle image eyes, eye, and blue image fitness, girl, and girly image tumblr girl image
long, curly hair; blue eyes; slim, athletic build; pale; good, bright smile


Image by Mel quotes, love, and sad image quotes, beauty, and brain image girl, icon, and asian image
shy at first but then talkative, smart, nice & very friendly, helpful, more introverted (INFJ-T is my type)


fashion, sweater, and style image dress, fashion, and outfit image bra, fashion, and girl image plaid, clothes, and outfit image
hard to explain cuz it's a lot of things: comfy, casual, dressy, grunge, trendy, athleticwear, and it's fit for all seasons


beautiful, morning, and skyline image city, night, and photography image canada, city, and city lights image Honolulu, family vacation, and holidayslounge image
columbus, ohio; tampa bay, florida; toronto, ontario; or just far away from everyone she knows


ballet, points, and dance image pen, writing, and notebook image adventure, city, and city lights image yellow, polaroid, and aesthetic image
dance and being healthy/fit; reading & writing; travel (i love road trips); photography; music; blogging; aesthetics


quotes, words, and demons image twenty one pilots, quotes, and aesthetic image aesthetic, my chemical romance, and quote image quotes, sad, and need image

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