I have already created a fictional character article but I thought of another idea to create one but with my gender swapped. So I hope you enjoy and give it a try as well!


Flynn Brett Anderson


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Dark hair, short hair styled to look messy, brown eyes, tan skin, strong jawline, taller than average, muscular, some facial hair


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Casual, edgy, blacks, blues, greens, somewhat hipster, some tattoos


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"Strong silent type", ambitious, adventurous, caring, gentle, introvert, loyal, dreamer


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Traveling, reading, movies, friends, family, night-time adventures, hugs, all animals

Life Quotes

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Thank you all for reading! I loved making the original version because it challenged me to create a character, even though I am not the best writer. This was an even bigger challenge to create a male character but it was so much fun to make! To think from the perspective of a character gives me insight into my own personality and the traits that I love in people.

Just to get everyone excited that may have read my previous articles, hopefully there are many more to come! It has been a challenge for me recently to come up with and find good article ideas that I am passionate about so that's why there has been a lull. I don't want to make half-hearted articles, I want to make articles that I am passionate about! I have a few articles in the works, so I hope you all come back for more.

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Thanks again!