Hello, my beautiful people!

It's been a while since I have written an article. I finished up my classes last week, but I have a week until I begin my summer class. I have been wanting to write, but my schedule was so packed with classes that I could never manage to sit down and write something for you all!

I was thinking since I haven't really introduced myself that well, I could do the this or that challenge (and hop on the bandwagon with the others that are doing it)

Here we go!

1. Love or Money?

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I choose love because love is never-ending, unlike money which can disappear at any time. Love will give me happiness, not money.

2. Book or Movie?

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I love books more than movies because with a book you can create your own characters and there is so much detail.

3. Tea or Coffee?

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I live in the North Carolina, so since we're from the south we tend to drink a lot of sweet tea. I never drink hot tea, but I do drink coffee whether it's cold or hot.

4. Rain or Snow?

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I prefer rain over snow. A rainy day relaxes me so much, where I can solve a puzzle, read a book, or take a nice little nap (who doesn't like a nice nap). Where I live we don't see much snow, but when we do get snow, it doesn't stick.

5. Comedy or Horror?

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Comedy, because I'm a baby and I can't stand scary movies. :)

6. Cars or Trucks?

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I prefer trucks! I'm a country girl who thinks trucks are the best rides to have. You can do pretty much anything with them!

7. Pasta or Pizza?

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I am a pizza fan! I don't have a problem with pasta, I just prefer pizza.

8. Bagels or Toast?

bagels, bread, and breakfast image avocado, breakfast, and eggs image

I love bagels! I love using cinnamon and raisin bagels with honey pecan cream cheese. That's that bomb! :)

9. Weird or Crazy?

weird, different, and real image rihanna, i am crazy, and don't pretend image

I am both crazy and weird! I could care less if people don't like that because it's who I am. Shoutout to my weird and crazy peeps out there!

10. Sandals or Sneakers?

footwear, sandals, and summeroutfits image vans, pink, and fashion image

I love wearing sandals, they are the closest thing to not wearing any shoes. I personally would love to go barefoot anywhere, but I can't do that so sandals it is. I do wear sneakers and heels, but I prefer wearing sandals.

I want to say that I do not own any of these pictures, I found them up here and used them.

I hope you enjoyed my article! I will talk to you soon!