I do have friends irl but none of them really get me. We get along really well and have fun but that's usually it. We never talk about important things and stuff that matters.

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Here are some facts about me:
~My name is Maddie
~I'm 14 years old
~I'm from England
~I like deep conversations
~I can speak English and partly Spanish
~I love baking and cooking
~I love music

Favorite TV shows/ Movies
~The edge of seventeen

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~ friends

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~ Mean Girls

Favourite artists

~Billie Eilish
~Why don't we
~Niall Horan
~The Weekend
~No Hot Ashes

I liten to lot's of different types of music. When people first start to talk to me i come off as she but then when you get to know my I'm really loud and will not shut up. I like having fun and going on adventures.
I like watching movies all night and talking about anything.

If you want to be friends message me and we can talk. i don't mind if you're a boy or girl.

Have a great day!