How are you doing? I hope you're doing great. Nothing new has happened to me recently. I've just been busy with school, and work. I kind of lost sleep last night thinking of you, and of course I had to write about you. So, here I go. I hope it reaches you somehow. I hope it bring a smile on your face..
It seems fair to talk about your smile right? That amazing smile that makes my heart warm up, and brings chills to my existence. Don't get me started on your eyes... oh has God blessed you and those eyes. Sometimes light, sometimes darker; all together satisfying. And your lashes. Damn are they amazing. Like a blade of grass that happened to curl. Every time you laugh and smile, your lashes desperately cling to your dark skin. Kissing them goodbye when you open those eyes.

You know whats the best part? You're my close friend who I can get closer too. Who I want to get closer too each day. But sadly we're millions of miles apart, and text messages can't display the thrill in my voice, the happiness in my smile when you pop up. I'll keep you in my letters, in my photo album, and in my dreams. I hope you keep me in your way as well.

- My Kiss in Spring