Holaaaa sweetie pies
I do this article because I really did not know what to do and I was listen Taylor's songs, but in the end I like it a lot.
So, leeeet's gooo

F E A R L E S S (2008)

Image by Vilena Ferreira dress, fashion, and gold image hair, girl, and blonde image love story, romeo, and Taylor Swift image dress, pink, and white image indie, vintage, and la la land image

S P E A K N O W (2010)

glitter, hands, and gold image lilac, purple, and theme image Lyrics, motivation, and ours image glitter, aesthetic, and stars image vintage image dress image

R E D (2013)

dress, vintage, and girl image percabeth image cat, shoes, and cute image aesthetic, red, and nails image lips, red, and lipstick image indie and tumblr image

1 9 8 9 (2014)

beach, birds, and ocean image fashion, clothes, and glitter image lips, mouth, and teeth image indie, orange, and red image camera, photography, and travel image fashion, girl, and dress image

R E P U T A T I O N (2017)

theme image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, glass, and wine image quotes, judge, and whatever image city streets, holding hands, and love image aesthetic, black, and slytherin image

Hope you liked and if you want me to do more of albums aesthetic of your favorite artist send me a massage.

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