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After writting the article "My Top10 Korean Dramas" I decided to start doing reviews of the dramas i watch. It's something I always wanted to do! :) so let's do this!

The first drama I've watched after that article is "Something in the rain", I'll be reviewing the good and bad things of this drama, will give my opinion and in the end I will recommend you a similar drama that I love.
Again, everybody have different tastes^^ I've been watching k-dramas since 2009 so my point of view and my knowledge might be different from younger and new viewers, let's respect each other💚


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Also known as Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food is about a young boy called Seo Joon Hee (played by Jung Hae In) that comes back from America after 3 years and meets Yoon Jin Ah (played by Son Ye Jin) again, his sister's bestfriend. They start to like each other but the age gap is pretty big, so they find it difficult to confess to others. And that's it :D


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I'll be talking first about the positive things of this drama. The main female role works for a company where girls are mistreated by male employees, but the good news is that women are rebeling themselves! yay! I liked how they give visibility to a real problem, specially real in South Korea, and how they show something that's actually happening in many companies and encourage women to stand up for themselves and love themselves enough to not let others treat them in a bad way.

And, SUPER IMPORTANT, how girls help and stand for each other!! Girls, seriously, that's the most important thing.

Another problem that they make visible is abusive relationships, specially the fear after breaking up with an abusive man when he doesn't want to accept it.

The cutests parts in this drama are, of course, love scenes! There are many lovey-dovey scenes, and I think that's what we all like the most in this kind of dramas! :) Plus, Jung Hae In is super cute, god bless him!

Unfortunately, I don't have more positive things to talk about :(


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Honestly, there are many negative aspects in this drama that I'll be talking about in a constructive way, since I promised myself to not sound like a hater haha

This drama has a lot of contradictory facts. As I said before, women in the drama are fighting for their rights, standing for themselves, making themselves valuable, respected, independent, etc but the main female character is, at the same time, very dependent on the guy and she can't do anything if it's not for him.
Let me explain, for example, when she starts to stand up "for her" she literally says it is because she has a man now. So, if she doesn't have a man by her side she is not capable to love herself enough and do it for herself.

The second negative thing about the main female character is that she is 39 years old (the guy I think is around 25), but again she depends on him for everything, she acts like it's her first relationship, making unnecesary aegyo, and hiding it from her family to the point where she has to escape from her house at night and come back before morning in order for them not to find out that she has a boyfriend. Honestly, i'm 28 and I know this doesn't happen anymore, she's 39. Nope, sorry. Many things they do have no credibility to me.

But the thing I'm most terrified about is the OST. Not only the OST is bad itself , with songs that don't match the drama nor the scenes (except one song called Something in the rain by Rachael Yamagata), but there is a song that is played 10 times per episode with english lyrics literally saying something like "Sometimes it's hard to be a woman. No matter if you feel bad, and your man feels good, just love him and stand by your man. Even if you can't understand why he does what he does, love him and be proud of him, he is just a man". That's a huge NO. It's basically saying that even if you're not happy in a relationship or the guy does something to you that you don't like, just put up with it and love him and be proud of him anyway. Afterall he is just a man, and you're the woman who has to struggle. I couldn't believe my ears the first time i heard this song. Specially after she was talking about standing against abussive men.
This is a really big mistake in this drama, along with all the little scenes where she contradicts herself about men around her and self love, transmiting a lot of wrong ideas to viewers.
Girls,no matter how much you love someone, your self love, life and happiness comes first, no matter what's going on. And even if sometimes it's difficult to accept, nothing of the three depends on the other person, it depends on you, end of the story.

Lastly, because I don't want to make it too long, I'll talk briefly about the plot. Almost nothing happens, it's just the two of them dealing with friends and family members because of their relationship.


If you've read until here, I think you might know what my opinion is going to be like.

I didn't like this drama at all and I don't recommend it.
The plot is boring, the characters' personalities are not well developed (for example, her bestfriend and her parents are kinda creepy), few actors are not that good at acting, the production team was lacking attention on the script and the recording as it's a very poor quality all together. For example, the lighting in most of the scenes is really bad, you can't even see properly what's going on, and it's generally dark. (I've majored in photography) There is no credibility in the story itself and most of the things that happens are unjustified.

BUT, everybody is different! If you liked the drama or you would like to watch another with a similar story keep reading!


Now, the part I was waiting for! I want to recommend you a drama that I loved and that's basically a very similar plot but oh girl, it's amazing! ^^

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Have you heard about it? It was not very popular but I loved it! (I even watched it twice hehe) The main male character is played by Park Seo Joon (my fave actor ever) and the woman is Uhm Jung Hwa.
Her character is a mean woman (also aged 39) that everybody hates, specially at work where she is called "witch". And he is a young guy (again 25) with a pure but playful heart and really funny, and somehow they get involved with each other after he helps her in an awkard situation. (I can't say much more, cause it's a simple plot and I don't want to make any spoiler!) After that, they will keep meeting each other by accident and the fun begins!

I can assure you that is as lovely as it is funny, all the characters are fun and cute and the story is developed in a much more credible way. I recommed it 100% if you want to have a nice time!

This is all for today my babies! 🌷 Thank you very much for reading it! ^^ Let me know if you want me to review a particular drama, you can send me a message anytime~~💌

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