not a lot of us study (mainly because we're too lazy to), so here are study tips for us lazy people.

phone organizer

there's a high chance that you won't use your agenda all throughout the school year, so instead, write events in your phone as well as a few notes.

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take good notes the first time

when in class, take effective notes. whenever your teacher says, "this will be on the test", or an extra detail that they didn't write on the board, then write it down in your notes. also, write your notes in a way you'd understand it (using modern slang, humor, etc.)

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start things early

when you start homework or reading earlier during the day, it's more likely you'll actually put effort into it, and you'll get it out of the way.

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study with a partner

to make studying a bit more entertaining, study with someone else. be sure they will actually help you study.

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Q - what grade/year are you in?
A - 11th grade