This month is a special month. People from all walks of life coming together to show their pride in who they are. Being apart of the lgbtq+ community isn't something to be ashamed of but something to celebrate. So in honor of pride month lets all share love, positivity, and most of all pride!

My Favorite LGBTQ+ Representations

Of fire and stars

One of my favorite books is "Of Fire and Stars" by Audrey Coulthurst. In this book a princess Dennaleia falls in love with princess Amaranthine who cares more about horses than royalty. Amaranthine or Mare for short, is the sister of who Dennaleia is suppose to marry in order to secure an alliance. There is also a hint of magic thrown into this book. Im not one for fantasy novels but this one was absolutely amazing. My description of the book doesn't do it justice so i recommend searching for this book on google.

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The L Word

This show is basically just about a group of lesbians. I'm only on the first season but so far I love it. I watch it on netflix and I've basically have binged watched it almost every night while eating a butt load of popcorn.

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Shadow hunters is an amazing show but my favorite part is the cutest couple to ever exist. In this show Alec being gay in the shadow hunter world especially when his parents are important figures is nothing short than a hard time. But he overcame those boundaries and openly came out with the help of magnus.

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Shameless's character Ian is openly gay since season one. Ian and Mickey
were the cutest couple but it didnt last forever. He dated another character Caleb which was also a cute relationship. He later dated Trevor whose character was trans. Trevor taught Ian a lot about the lgbtq+ community and how there is more than just being gay. I liked how shameless incorporated and representated the lgbtq+ community without playing on grotesque stereotypes.

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hayley kiyoko

She is an openly gay musician, actor, singer songwriter and so much more. Her sexuality is important to her and she lets it shine through her lyrics and other works of art. She inspires many people and is truly a wonderful role model for all.

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