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In my last article (Read it if you haven´t already) I said that I was going to write another one with my favorite songs of each band, so here they are:

♡ 5 Seconds of Summer ♡

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1- Kiss Me Kiss Me.
2- End up Here.
3- 18.
4- She looks so perfect.
5- Beside you.
6- Amnesia.
7- Try Hard.
8- Good Girls.
9- She´s kinda hot.

♡ The Vamps ♡

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1- Same to you.
2- Hair too Long.
3- Personal.
4- All Night.
5- I Found a Girl.
6- Paper Hearts.
7- It´s a Lie.
8-Can we Dance.
9- Wild hearts

♡ One Direction ♡

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1- Little Things.
2- Story of my Life.
3- One Thing.
4- Kiss you.
5- Best song Ever.
6- You & I.
7- Steal my Girl.

♡ BlackPink ♡

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1- Boombayah.
2- As If It´s your Last.
3- Playing with Fire.
4 - Stay.
5- Whistle.

This are all the songs. I like a lot of their songs but this are the ones that I LOVE. If you think that there´s a song that I should take out from the list or add another one, tell me !

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