Here's my playlist in case you wanna get in your feelings too lmao

Michl - Die Trying

Will we ever get to the other side
Before there's nothing left?
Yeah, our bodies are weak
We're tired and hurtin'
Will we ever get to the other side?
Don't know
I'll die trying

Troye Sivan - The Good Side

I'm sure we'll meet in the spring
And catch up on everything
I'll say I'm proud of all that you've done
You taught me the ropes, and you taught me to love

Mikky Ekko - Comatose

Like an open door to an empty room
It's still a part of me needing part of you
In another life we could work it out
But we never speak, so it's hard to
Do we really want to live this way?
Cause all I really want is you to stay
Maybe it's easier, comatose

Kehlani - Tore Up

I ain't supposed to tell you I still love you
I ain't supposed to let you know I'm hurting
I'm tryna keep my problems to myself

Jocelyn Alice - Bound To You

I should have fallen out of love with you by now
But I've got a part, I've got a piece
I've got a heart permanently bound to you

Jaymes Young - We Won't

Tell me why I'm still holding
Onto the love that we've been breaking
Damn, I thought we'd make it

Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under

Our love is six feet under
I can't help but wonder
If our grave was watered by the rain
Would roses bloom?

Halsey - Sorry

Sorry that I can't believe
That anybody ever really
Starts to fall in love with me
Sorry to my unknown lover
Sorry I could be so blind
Didn't mean to leave you
And all of the things that we had behind

The 1975 - Somebody Else

I don't want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You're intertwining your soul with somebody else

Selena Gomez - Back To You

You could break my heart in two
But when it heals, it beats for you
I know it's forward, but it's true