Hey cute hearters!
I really love art and expressing myself through art. I feel it's important to have something that calms you and let's you just feel free if that makes sence. I've gotten a few questions lately on how one becomes good at drawing or painting. There really isn't any clear answer to that and some people are ore talented, but i feel that if you really wanna learn there are always some ways to do tha. Therefore i thought i'd share some few tips on how to get better at drawing.

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1. Study and look at other drawings/paintings. This really helped me improve my skills and grow as an artist because you get to see the techniques used in the drawing you wanna draw. It also gives you a chance to explore new techniques and styles.
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2. Have the right supplies. This is obvious, but it's really important because it is so much easier to draw something and get a good result while using the right art supplies no matter what kind of art you are creating. If you are working with pencil and crayons i highly recommend the Coloursoft set.
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3. Practice and draw a lot! This is obvious again but it's true what they say that practice makes perfect. With that beeing said i feel it's important to challenge yourself aswell while you practice by drawing different things and trying different techniques. If you keep it up it will be easier to see improvement and that always motivates me and it gives you a better understanding of your strenghts and weaknesses as an artist.
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4. Get feedback. This can be a little scary, but sometimes you get blind while looking at your own creations for too long and it helps to get some fresh eyes to look at your painting or drawing and to tell you what they see and think about it. If you have someone with experience to look at it that's even better and you can get more contructive feedback. If you don't know anyone who is good at drawing you can always send it to me or write me a message and i'll be happy to help you guys if i can <3 <3 <3
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5. Be creative and find happiness in what you are creating! I feel it's important to love what you do and what you make so don't try to draw something that you don't really wanna draw or that doesn't really make you happy or shows emotions behind it because then the prosess of actually drawing it get's more difficult. Just be creative and let your own unique self shine through your creations.
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6. Work ethic Nothing get's handed to you so it's important to actually put in the work and follow through if you have a good idea for a painting or drawing. Nobody get's super good over night so it's important to actually take time to draw and putting in an effort just like you would in any other job or project. Taking art or drawing classes is a good way to get started and might also help.

Well that's all i have for now. I hope it gave you some inspiration and help if you needed it.

Untill next time guys <3 <3
- Gezime

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