i've decided to try this sice i used to be a huge fan of riverdale.

here we go¡!

―❀NAME: lisa lodge
―❀NICKNAME: li-li :: lis


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she would be cute but kinda like badass at the same time. with big ass blue eyes and perfect lips.


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her wardrobe would be full of green tones and her outfits would be protagonised by oversized hoodies and jackets, shorts and ripped jeans


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i knoe for sure she would be cold and sarcastic af. but on the other side she would be really cute and lovely with her friends. also she would be REALLY clumsy and that would take her to really embarrasing situations with her friends and crush.


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wirting, reading and cuddling would be her favorites things to do when bored, and if you add anime to that that would be awesome.


Image by Angie Rubio fashion image aesthetic, ginger, and television image fashion image
i think she would get really on well with archie and jughead because they would share the same sense of humor and hobbies.


riverdale, cole sprouse, and jughead jones image idol, inspiration, and photography image
of course it would be jughead. i feel they would connect really easily and they would make each other very happy.


lisa is veronicas's stepsister, but since lisa was born from a love affair betweet hiram and lisa's mother veronica hates her to the point that tries to get rid of her several times, paying some of the serpents to do the dirty jobs for her.
jughead gets close to her cause when he discovers her story he tries to protect her from veronica and they end up falling in love.

and that's pretty much all of it. hope you guys liked it. i invite you to do this tag(? if you are a fan of riverdale.

see ya <3