hello everyone! its me, back with another article.

I've seen this circling around so i thought might as well do it. Some I did more than one song just because I couldn't pick just one.

A |

awake - bts [jin]

"maybe i can never fly. maybe i, i can't touch the sky"
awake, jin, and bts image awake, jin, and bts image

airplane - iKon

"hey mr. airplane, stop for a moment. there's a lot of time. there's tomorrow too"
Ikon and hanbin image Ikon image

B |

bad boy - red velvet

"who dat who dat who dat boy"
asian, korea, and idol image seulgi, red velvet, and kpop image

bling bling - iKon

"my future is so bright, it's blinding"
bling bling image Ikon, yg, and ikonic image

C |

call me baby - exo

"my heart grows bigger for you and it closes its door for everyone else but you"
album, exo, and kpop image exo, sehun, and Chen image

call call call - seventeen

"let me hear you, i miss your voice"
17, Seventeen, and svt image 17, mingyu, and Seventeen image

chain - NCT 127

"i don't want to be in love with you but there is nothing i can do to make you mine"
nct image chain, kpop, and ntc 127 image

D |

don't recall - K.A.R.D

"i can't remember even the good moments. only regret remains and tortures me"
kard, j.seph, and bm image k.a.r.d image

dope - bts

"why are they killing us before we can even try"
Image by Jacqueline Zelaguete bts, jimin, and jungkook image

E |

electric shock - f(x)

"the electric shocks are running down my body"
amber, pink, and fx image f(x), amber, and kpop image

F |

fire truck - NCT 127

"let’s make a fire, I’ll cool down this heat"
nct, nct 127, and jaehyun image k-pop, music, and winwin image

falling in love - uniq

"I think this is love, I can’t think of anything else"
kpop and uniq image chinese, falling in love, and handsome image

G |

goodbye - 2ne1

"until the day we meet again, goodbye goodbye"
2ne1, CL, and dara image 2ne1, CL, and dara image

GO - nct dream

"that our eyes are filled with young rebellion. We have a desire for a better world"
nct dream, nct, and kpop image nct and chenle image

gucci - jessi

"and i feel like gucci, gucci, gucci"
gucci, jessi, and kpop image jessi and kpop image
a queen

H |

HIGHLIGHT - seventeen

"regardless of whether it’s day or night, I’ll be by your side"
dino, highlight, and svt image Seventeen, jun, and hoshi image

horololo - exo-cbx

"my head is confused, my heart is pounding"
exo, mv, and cbx image Chen, exo, and xiumin image

I |

I - taeyeon ft. verbal jint

"but strong girl, you know you were born to fly"
Image by skylaalicia taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image

J |

jealousy - monsta x

"i’m a little jealous, my heart goes rat-a-tatta"
jealousy, kihyun, and dramarama image im, jealousy, and kihyun image

K |

ko ko bop - exo

"don’t pay attention to what anyone says. just be beautiful like you are right now"
exo, sehun, and Chen image exo, sehun, and kai image
baek's mullet this era

L |

la la la - weki meki

"they say the person who likes the other person more loses"
la la la, weki meki, and la la la weki meki image Girl Crush, girl group, and wekimeki image

love scenario - iKon

"it hurts but if we dragged it out more, it would become a scar"
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

lucifer - SHINee

"i feel like i've become a clown trapped in a glass castle"
SHINee, key, and Taemin image Jonghyun, Minho, and Onew image

M |

monster - exo

"I’m engraved in your heart, so even if I die, I’ll live forever"
edit, kpop edit, and exo image exo, sehun, and Chen image

N |

not today - bts

"if you can't fly, then run. if you can't run, then walk. if you can't walk, then crawl"
bts, jin, and not today image bts, jin, and jimin image

O |

one of those nights - red velvet

"I can’t quickly forget, because I’m still in the same place even when the pages of the calendar turns"
girl group, kpop, and red velvet image girl group, kpop, and red velvet image

P |

paint me - mamamoo

"no one else but you can draw in my heart"
mamamoo, solar, and hwasa image paint me and wheein image

Q |

quasimodo - SHINee

"i love you even if i can only watch you from here"
SHINee, Jonghyun, and key image calendario, kpop, and 2011 image
this wasn't a title track so there weren't really any pictures for it but its from 2011

R |

roller coaster - chung ha

"I wonder if this is too fast, but because of you, each day feels so new"
Roller Coaster, kim chungha, and chungha image kpop, why don't you know, and i.o.i image

raining - winner

"without an umbrella, I’m washing you away, just like time passing"
kpop, winner, and mino image kpop and winner image

S |

spring day - bts

"kiss me like it’s a lie, as if I’m your last love"
Inspiring Image on We Heart It boys, jeon, and kook image

T |

tomorrow, today - jj project

"why must i decide about tomorrow,today?"
JB, kpop, and jinyoung image aesthetic, jj project, and jjproject image

U |

universe - exo

"my memories have collected dust. I am just like a wanderer of the universe"
exo and baekhyun image album, exo, and universe image

V |

very nice - seventeen

"I think you are the answer to all of my questions
coreography, kpop, and Seventeen image Seventeen, kpop, and very nice image

W |

what is love? - twice

"what is love? will this kind of love come to me too?"
momo, twice, and what is love image momo, sana, and jihyo image

X |

XOXO - exo

"i'll follow you even at the end of the world"
Image removed Image removed
ugh the o12

Y |

you are - got7

"you wouldn't know this, but you existence keeps me breathing"
got7, bambam, and youngjae image aesthetic, jackson, and landscape image

Z |

zero for conduct - block b - BASTARZ

po, bbomb, and ukwon image block b, u-kwon, and bastarz image

until next time,
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