Hi everyone, this my first ever article and I am planning to write some more in the future. I will be doing the ABC Tag for this article since you guys don't know me. I hope you will have an idea about who I am at the end of this article.


I'm gonna be 14 on July 19.

Best Movie

Truman Show. I can watch it a hundred times not be bored of it.

jim carrey, movie, and the truman show image

Current Time

It is now 8.04 PM

Drink I Last Had

Iced Coffee

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Every day Starts With

Getting out of my bed and heading to the bathroom to wash my face.

Favourite Song

My favorite song constantly changes according to my mood but right now I have a few that I like.

  • City Of Stars from La La Land
  • Hotel California by Eagles
  • The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift

Grossest Memory

Can't remember any.


Something like 164 cm.

I'm In Love With

Photography, reading, sunsets...

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Jealous Of

People who can find motivation to study.

Killed Someone


Last Time I Cried

At my prom three days ago because my favorite teacher is leaving.

Middle Name

I don't have any.

Number Of Sibling

I'm an only child. I wish I had a twin brother tho.

One Wish

To live in NYC.

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Person You Last Texted

A group chat with my best friends

Question You're Always Asked

Do you study a lot?
- People who think I'm a nerd

Reasons To Smile

when the weather is warm and sunny, when I hear a song I like on the radio

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Song You Last Sang


Time You Woke Up

1.30 PM. I slept really late lmao.

Unique Thing About You

I can twist my tongue in that weird shape.

Vacation Places

  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • Brugge
  • Athens
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plus a couple Greek Islands and some cities in my country.

X-Rays You've Done

My teeth.

Your Favourite Food

Chicken schnitzel and spaghetti bolognese.

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Zodiac Sign