Hey guys

I am totally obsessed with travelling and getting to know new spots on earth, so here are a few of my favourite places I want to visite.


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Since I love summer, sun and the sea I would love to go to Miami. I adore doing every kind of watersports, so it would be the perfect place for me.


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I am so in love with the color of the water and I would like to learn more about the culture and the people in Thailand. I am super interested in the asian culture in general. It would be such a pleasure to travel there one day. It seems so exciting and full of adventures.


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Scottland seems to be full of mysteries and secrets. These cliffs have something extremely magical and the cloudy sky makes such a special atmosphere.


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Well, I have to admit that I have already been to Paris but it's been years ago. Though it has been so long now, I can still recall every tiny detail of this city. I love how everybody has a clue about fashion and how stressless everything goes. I adore the architecture of the buildings and it is definetely a city to visit again and again!

Los Angeles

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To visit LA has been a huge dream for me since I was 5 years old when I watched all of these series which take place there and which look so amazing. I think that LA is a very powerful and exciting city and it is still my goal to travel there.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know how you liked my first actual article :)