Hey guys, so last week I told you a story about my love life and how wishes come true. If you did not read it yet here is it:

Anyway today I will talk about another kind of love, the toxic one.
In my class I have a couple who portraits exactly what I want to express.
He is a really nice guy, or at least this is what I like to think because we used to hung out last year as friends, and after me and my boyfriend split up we tried something more.
It did not worked. He was talking with some other girls but honestly I didn't care, because I just wanted him as my study buddy and my friend. Unfortunately we stopped talking and he got involved with one of our classmate.
In my first year, when I met my new colleagues and I saw her I was "OMG she is serious that stupid?" It was just my opinion and I tried to change it, but the more I talked to her and began to know her, I knew that I wasnot wrong.But he chosed her. I could not said anything without looking like a crazy ex. I only hoped that he'll be happy.
In the last 9 months I saw how one of my friends was transformed to someone I did not recognized.
She is so insecure that she wants to control him. He is not allowed to talk to other girls. She have all his passwords. All accounts. He is not allowed to look at other girls. Otherwise the monster wakes up. The monster is her jealousy.
Few days ago, he needed to talk to someone who was not in their story. He just needed a friend to talk to. A friend for small talk. I accepted and we talked for 3 days just about cars, phones, exams, pets and stuff like that. In the 3rd night she saw some of our messages. Can you guess what happend?

She started acting like crazy, calling me and one of my best friend. I didn't answered and told him. He called me right away to apologize and explain that she is that crazy, and burns every time a girl breathes next to him. She had a problem with everyone who was his past and who could be a threat to her.
The problem was he loves her. Even when she is crazy with no reason, even if she controls him, even if she changed him, but not into a better person. She threatened me and he told me not to worry. He also thanked me for being there for him, for understanding that she is really crazy. He admited that he wanted to break up with her for those reactions, but today he was still with her, she did not aproched me but the way she looked at me made me feel sorry for him. He is in love so bad with her that he won't even realise that this love will destroy him.
This is what I call toxic love.