Are you a Fashion Queen? I think you are! You've clicked on this article and this is all about fashion! So you must be!

First I want to say I'm a girl from holland, and my englisch is not the best, but I try guys!<3
The first outfit is a quite normal outfit. You can wear this on the streets. This is a very nice outfit but it is also very comfortable. You see a hoodie from the brand Trasher... which i love very much! On the hoodie is a long caramel colored coat, and this is a neat coat. I love it because it looks cute and neat, and you can wear it on everything.
She is also wearing a hat in the same color as the coat. A hate is a little bit though and this gives a whole new touch on the whole outfit. Also the pants with a crack is though an cool. and the sneakers made this a little bit sporty. So this is a look with a lot of different elements and i love it!

fashion, outfit, and style image

The next outfit is a Autumn/Winter look. It is a sweater with some ribs with a very cute pink skirt over it. Its seriously not more than that but it is so cute! You can wear also some rings ,earrings, chokers in this outfit. And I also think som socks which are a little bit longer than normal with a cute pattern or something under some cute creepers or loafers, and this outfit is the most cutest of all.

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The following outfit is very tough! I think a black leather jacket is a must have. You can combinate this jacket with every look. when you put a skirt under it it gives a cute look but when you put a jeans with a crack in it under this... your look will be very though! This sunglasses and other accesoires and especially the bag made the whole outfit complete.

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So this are some outfits I really like! I hope you guys know what my style is right now. I will put some other outfits under the article for more inspiration! Bye Loves<3

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fashion, outfit, and style image
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