I am developing a character for a detective story and I thought I should reunite my inspiration in an article as a way to remind me of my goal when I get a Writer's Block.
So, here we go...

Name: Penelope Olivia Julia Eden
Age: 28 years-old
Profession: Detective Inspector at the Oxfordishire Police Department

city, bridge, and london image white, city, and house image
She was born in Chelsea, London. The younger of four children to an high society couple.
cambridge, city, and travel image aesthetic, bibliophile, and books image art, art history, and germany image architecture, cambridge, and england image
She studied Art History at Cambridge University, namely at Pembroke College.
bbc, Scotland Yard, and sherlock image big ban, london, and police image
After a strange succession of events she enrolled in the ranks of Scotland Yard and was later transfered to the Oxfordshire Police Department.
Image removed snow, winter, and window image cities, Great Britain, and london image flowers, rose, and vintage image

Oxford, England

crime, detective, and oxford image crime, detective, and oxford image inspector lewis, laurence fox, and james hathaway image crime, detective, and oxford image
There she reunited with Robert Lewis, someone she knew her whole life, and eventually became friends with his D.S. and other members of the department.
girl, short hair, and beauty image eyes, beautiful, and eye image
She has short brown hair and hazel eyes. Her skin his pale and her demeanor classy.
fashion image dress and girl image fashion, nails, and outfit image fashion, red, and bag image
Contrary to her coworkers she always wears bright colourful clother to the office, a reflection of her bright colourful personality.
rose, red, and flowers image beautiful, nature, and pink image
She loves flowers and has a garden that reflects it.
food, pizza, and salad image fruit, food, and strawberry image chocolate, food, and ice cream image food and pizza image
She loves to eat, and pizza is one of her all time favourite foods.
piano, music, and gif image alone, am, and angry image
She loves music, plays the piano and also sings a little bit.