It's been four years since we were happy together.

Our love story started at New Years Eve 2014. Before that, I guess I've already had an interest in you. I had friends all over town, but I had never heard about you before. A vibrant smile on my face appeared when you first texted me, and from that point, we started talking.

After a few months of talking and meeting up, we gradually started to fall in love with each other. Our parents got so mad at us, we always arrived after our curfew because us saying goodbye consisted of two hours of embracement and not wanting to part. We stayed up so many nights, talking non-stop about everything between heaven and earth. We were so deeply in love and I've never felt the same way about someone else.

Our first relationship ended, we weren't a big enough part of our daily life to find time but our feelings never stopped. We started talking again and got together, this time the previous problem still affected our relationship along other factors such as with jealousy and fear.

I was moving away, the day before we met up and held each other for one last time. After that we talked back and forth, messages about us missing one another.

From that day and on I continue to hope that if it was meant to be, we will meet later in life.

And now one year later, we still do the same. We keep fantasizing about our first love, how in love we where, how comfortable we felt and how we made each other feel.

My thougts cicrles around everyday thinking about you,
how much I miss you,
how much I want to see you again.
But now I'm at the other side of the world thinking that I'll never see you again.

This is our love story,
to Jeffrey