Aloha ღ
My Name is Amy and this is my 7th post I think, so I wanted to introduce myself

①: My Name is Amy Losito

②: I was born and raised in beautiful Cologne, Germany

cologne and germany image city, dom, and koln image
» Such a beautiful city «

③: I'm not speaking fluent english so sorry if I have any mistakes

④: I love travelling and I wanna learn so many languages in my entire life

⑤: I'm speaking german, english, latin and a bit Italian

⑥: I'm learning spanish (and I think I'm gonna learn french in a few years)

⑦: I'm currently seventeen butnext month I will be eighteen !!!

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» I'm so excited for my sweet eighteen omg you have no idea «

⑧: My zodiac sign is Leo

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» and everybody who knwos me well can tell I'm a leo by heart «

⑨: Music and Food is my life!!

⑩: Check my Instagram amd Snapchat ▷ @amylosito

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Amy xx

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