Evelyn "Evy" Austin is new in Beacon Hills when Dread Doctors is in the town, she have 16 years old, she she is afraid of darkness and heights,also the dead.

February 16th

physical appearance:

hair, girl, and brunette image aesthetic, beauty, and brunette image
she have brown eyes, and she is small


beautiful, chic, and classy image fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and yellow image
jeans, shorts or skirts or dresses, but always comfortable


good day and words image art, love, and coffee image girl, vintage, and indie image room, art, and vintage image
She is very kind and tender, thinks the best of all and always tries to help even if she is afraid, because she is very scared


holland roden and malydia image teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image teen wolf, teen, and wolf image teen wolf, nolan, and froy image
she is sooo friendly


teen wolf, jeep, and stiles stilinski image food image
she is a human but rather the cook of the pack, she was almost turned into a werewolf but Liam saves her together Scott.

love interst:

froy, froy gutierrez, and nolan holloway image froy gutierrez, boy, and froy image


cody saintgnue image brett, teen wolf, and cody saintgnue image
Brett was her first boyfriend, when him died she broke down in tears, since it was her first all.


fairytale, fight, and inspiration image aesthetic, inspiration, and inspo image

thanks teen wolf 4 everything