Get To Know Me Challenge

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My dream job

So I have two dream jobs, one kinda easier to achieve than the other but I'm a big ambitious dreamer so who kows.

  • Doctor

First I wanted to be vet, but in Switzerland you have to study it in the german part of the country and I'm not good enough in German for that, so I turned to human medicine which interests me just as much. Helping people feels like something that would give sense to my life. I'll feel much more useful knowing I could save people's life and watch them go back to their loving ones than I do now sitting behind a computer or a desk all day.

I know studies are long and hard, but I'm so interested in it I think I can succeed and maybe one, I'll be this amazing surgeon.

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  • Actress

Acting has always been one of my favorite thing in the world, either for school plays or circus shows, I love to do it. Taking on characters that have nothing to do with your personality is just so interesting and challenging, especially for characters you know you'd never be in real life.

I don't even want to be the best and most popular actress in the world, just living from it would make me happy, even if, of course, I wouldn't say no to an Oscar. I'm still trying to decide if I should take a little trip to the USA and try to get some roles over there. And I have a year to make a choice which is definitely not enough time.

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Thanks for reading and hope you all have an amazing and lovely day !

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