This or That but its by heart...

Hello readers I am excited for thuis article because I'm actually making it a bit different than my other ones because I learned how to add pictures... HOPE U ENJOY!

Dreamer or Sound Sleeper...

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I like to dream, my dreams are interesting , I have no idea why I dream alot maybe because there is a lot on my mind but I enjoy scary dreams also Its like I am creating my own movie. I am a very wild sleeper so of course I couldn't choose sound sleeper.

Reckless or Reliable

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I am reliable,slow sometimes but I always get the work done , even not work I feel like I am always there for others

Garden Grower or Forest Explorer

Image by Miren Iosu
I am a daredevil (I still do get scared at times) I wouldn't like to wait for that garden to grow to be mesmerized or stay in the process not a really patient person I would just go and explore.But I got to admit if there is nothing for me then I woukld have the patience to grow something.

Newspaper or ColoringBook

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I don't like reading , I'm not a sit down person , I'm colorful person , never calm.

Young Heart or Old soul

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I am young and adventurous. I am 13. I mentally wise but that doesn't stop me from having fun.

Romantic or Realist

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I love making real out of things but...but romance is my best thing well the genre, I am not good with that type of love myself.

Cloud Gazer or Star Chaser

Image by ivanaRuseva04
I like to drift off and some people like to tell me to get my head out the clouds but that doesn't mean I don't make it to the stars it means I have a slow time to feel like I will actually get there it actually stresses me out cause I am so impatient but its okay I know I will get there and then lay down to rest.

Mountain or Ocean

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I would just like to float in the ocean. Where I can find beautiful and colorful creatures lying below sea.

Artist or Muse

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I like art and science . Making discoveries and creating new things . I'm eager to find out what my creations are like.

Sleeping under the stars or or Sailing at sunrise

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I would like to fall asleep under the beautiful scenery of stars. I would finally like to rest , just staring and thinking.

Polaroid or Letters

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I love photography I follow a picture says a thousands words instead of analyzing a long letter.

Jungle Adventures or Exploring Paris

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Its actually my dream to go to paris. They have some pretty classy sights.

Summer Nights or City Lights

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I live in Chicago and the lights here are beautiful and the whole visual is just great I'm used to the city.

Paintings or Poems

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PAINTINGS mainly because I don't get most poems you can see i am not good with words.

Rainy Days or Stormy Nights

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storms scare me. I like how calm and peaceful the rain flows from the sky and how the droplets feel on my skin.

Constellations or Conversations

constellation image
I am not really good a conversations so yeah I would like to see the fascinations of constellations.

Deja Vu or Nostalgia

(IDK a picture for this)
If I can relive something in the past , especially my good moments , I would take that chance.

Hope you enjoy ! Thank you!