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So this is going to be a book review. Again this is also on my blog but I haven't finished reading the last 2 books so eventually, I will review them here. This first book is part of a 5 book series.


About the book

The book is about a girl called Ella Harper (O'Halloran). She is an orphan and has been running from the foster system for quite a while. One day a guy comes in claiming he is her guardian.
After a lot of fighting Ella gets 'kidnapped' by him and he explains who he is. His name is Callum Royal and he has 5 kids (boys). She moves in with them and the trouble starts.

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Talks about real-life problems and could be mature to younger readers (15+)
Romance, Comedy and Drama

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Favourite Characters

Ella: A strong-willed girl who doesn't tend to trust people. She can make her own decisions and would rather rely on herself than anyone else. She is a very stressful character to read about but you can't help liking her.

Easton: I am completely biased towards him. He is my favourite brother and character. He is a bit of a troublemaker and can't settle into a relationship. I can tell things will come out about him in future books. I just love him haha

Valerie: When I first heard about her, I thought she would be boring. But actually, she is one of the funniest and sassiest characters in the book. She is Ella's best friend.

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Least Favourite Characters

Brooke: Ugh her character is just disgusting. I really can't stand her. You think she may be nice at the beginning but don't be fooled.

Jordan: Ughh she is your typical queen B, who is always causing problems. She is a little desperate but 100% evil.

Reed: He is actually the love interest of Ella but he is also the most infuriating and annoying character in the whole book. Although it's cute when he watches out for her, he takes the whole bad boy thing to a new high. By the end of the book, you'll be ready to kill him.


The actual intricacies of the book cannot really be judged by me as I'm literally a 'kid'. But in my opinion, it was written well. I could follow the storyline, all the big surprises make sense and work for their age. The descriptions were very detailed and you can imagine it well eg their house, parties etc The only thing I would change is Ella and Reed being together, I would rather she was with Easton. It took me about 4 hours straight to read it.


I recommend the book (to the right age group) as it's interesting and well written.



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