Hola boys and gals, how yall doing?
I'm here today with the third article of the challenge: make a list of your 5 favorite movies.
And that's hard to choose.

Anyway let's get it started!

h a r r y p o t t e r

harry potter, ⚡, and potter image harry potter, hogwarts, and hogwarts express image harry potter and time turner image harry potter, honeydukes, and hogwarts image
Don't ask me to choose which movie I prefer because I literally can't. HP is ofc one of my fav things ever, I'm a potterhead!

d u n k i r k

gif, Harry Styles, and dunkirk image fionn whitehead and dunkirk image Abusive image aesthetic, dark, and movie image
This movie is AMAZING. All of the actors are amazing. I'll always be amazed by Harry's talent. I. am. overwhelmed. by. this. movie.

t h e i m i t a t i o n g a m e

the imitation game, benedict cumberbatch, and film image the imitation game, benedict cumberbatch, and keira knightley image alex lawther and the imitation game image the imitation game and alex lawther image
First of all, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my fav actors of all time. I absolutely LOVE this man for who he is, for his talent. This movie is clearly amazing. Il est magistral. I watched it twice this week.

d i v e r g e n t

Image removed Image removed aesthetic and white image abnegation, factions, and divergent image
I love this movie with all my heartttt

t w i l i g h t

twilight, robert pattinson, and kristen stewart image twilight, bella, and kristen stewart image twilight, couple, and bella image kristen stewart, bella swan, and breaking dawn image
No matter what people say bout it, the Twilight saga will always be so great to me. I love it so so so much and it brings me a lot of memories.

That was hard to only choose 5 movies lmao but I DID IT yay

See you guys tomorrow for DAY4!