⚡️ A is for Age
i'm nineteen

⚡️ B is for Best feature
my hair

⚡️ C is for Color

⚡️ D is for Deepest regret
not letting go of things that have hurt me

⚡️ E is for Every day starts with…

⚡️ F is for Favorite show

⚡️ G is for Greatest Accomplishment
moving countries to go to college

⚡️ H is for Height
176 cm

⚡️ I is for In love with
tea, writing, my friends, the ocean

⚡️ J is for Job of my dreams

⚡️ K is for Kids I want
five :)

⚡️ L is for Last time I cried
two days ago

⚡️ M is for Magic power I want

⚡️ N is for Number of siblings
one little sister

⚡️ O is for One wish
to marry happily and travel together with someone i really, really love

⚡️ P is for Person I last texted
my boss

⚡️ Q is for Question I´m always asked
"do the dutch smoke a lot of weed?"

⚡️ R is for Reason to smile
little moments to be thankful for

⚡️ S is for Season I like the most

⚡️ T is for Time I woke up this morning
ehmm like 10:30 or 11. it's summer vacation so idk

⚡️ U is for Underwear color

⚡️ V is for Vacation Destination
anywhere tropical or anywhere in Asia

⚡️ W is for Worst Habit
drinking too much coffee

⚡️ X is for X-rays I've had done
one for my finger when i sprained it terribly from basketball

⚡️ Y is for Your favorite food
sushi and avocado

⚡️ Z is for Zodiac sign