Hello, dear Hearters!! So here I am with the second day of this music challenge! Today I'm gonna name some songs I like which have a number in the title:

1. 42 - The Motans

love, couple, and kiss image girl, Devil, and shadow image
It's a song in Romanian,but I'll quote some lyrics anyway:Si nu pot sa desenez fără pânză, fără foi/ Fericirea doar cu negru, iar durerea în culori/ Şi mă faci să mai aştept ca mai apoi/ Să îmi dai răspunsul 42

2. Team 8 - Loïc Nottet

loïc nottet image
We're part of team eight/ Those deadly sins we try to break/ We're crushed by the weight/ Of the sinner chains we make

3. One Kiss - Dua Lipa

couple, Relationship, and tender image kiss, love, and art image
One kiss is all it takes/ Fallin' in love with me/ Possibilities/ I look like all you need

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