I am in high school which means I'm a teen and commuting from home to school on a regular basis is basically part of my life, but living in an unsafe city (QC, PH) is a challenge for me especially " I am a girl ". I'm 15 and these are the tips and advices I gradually learned as I commute throughout my high school life.

1. Bring any self-defense weapon

Here are the following practical self-defense weapon you can bring:

  • Swiss Knife (if your school allows, but obviously some don't)
  • Pepper Spray (you can buy one or make one, there are DIY tutorials out there)
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Then here are the basic things that you can use as a weapon:

  • Keys (it's like using it as brass knuckles, but there's a proper way of using them to avoid injuries. look it up)
  • Ballpens or pencils (if you really have nothing left, using these might help you. stab them criminals eyes out yum yum)
  • Scissors (it will hurt the person)
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Any suggestions? Feel free to comment!

2. When on a public transpo, be alert and be "annoying"

I know no one wants to be annoying, but here are some situations where being "annoying" can be useful:

a. The person next to you is trying to "touch" you
Bitch you know what I did?, I just kept on moving and moving and moving. I'll pretend every part of my body is itchy, I'll pretend I lost something and just keep moving my body. Then I purposely show him that I know what he's doing. I'll look at him and show a disgusted face then move the fuck away from him. Bitch Noli Me Tangere!

b. When a person looks/stares/observes at/you sexually
Do this: get your fucking phone and fake call someone or pretend someone called you. Go to a hearing distance then start telling about the person to your fake caller.

"I know, he looks so suspicious. Hey, I heard there are a lot of rapists here. Oh you're right over here? Ah! So you can see me? Oh right, thank God. I'll call the police if he gets near to me"

Be as mean, aggressive, bitch as you can be, but check their intentions first to avoid offending an innocent person. Eventually, he knows you are aware and might leave you, but if he insists really call someone and tell them about it to get some help. Then leave that fucking creep away!

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3. Always update someone about your location, events and actions

I always update my mom about my whereabouts especially at night. And please when they tell you to go home, GO HOME. No one wants you to end up dead, okay? Even if they don't reply, just keep sending locations of you for emergencies just in case.

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That's it for this article, I might update this once something pops up in my head. PLEASE STAY SAFE and let's educate those uneducated people who don't know respect. You go girl!