I actually saw a couple of articles like this and I thought that it is a very nice idea.I find it interesting to read about other people personalities and things they like.So this is some of mine.

I was born on 14th July and my zodiac sign is Cancer.

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My favorite color is white and I love to wear clothes in that color. I also like baby blue,pink,beige and grey.

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I tend to wear accessorize in a shape of stars.The thing about stars is they remind me that there's something bigger than this life.It helps me not to be small minded and to try every day to be a better person.

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Random fact: I'm absolutely in love with this dress from Yasmin Mansour.

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I'm a cold weather person so my favorite seasons are fall and winter.

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There's something about rain that makes me feel so calm and happy.
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I always dreamed about going to the beach when the weather is windy and the sky has that dull grey color.That must be so nice.

I like how fresh air is in the winter and the feel of coldness on my cheeks.Also snow has this peculiar clean smell that's very enjoyable.And something that I find really adorable is how everybody's nose gets a little bit red.

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Another thing that I really like to do is drawing.It's something that I'm very happy I was born with even tough I couldn't get to choose as my profession.

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Sometimes,when I go into a deeper thinking I like to imagine that if I ever have a child she or he will also like it too.
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In my free time I love to decorate photo albums.

I don't really have a favorite singer or just one type of music that I listen.But I do have a favorite album and it's Rockferry from Duffy.When I was 12 Years old I got it as a gift from my aunt and it's very dear to me.

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I really,really,really love to read.My favorite genre are fantasy and sci-fi books.It amaze me how far one person imagination can go so they get to create this whole new worlds and things we don't see in real life.Humans really are universe for itself.

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I love to cook for my friends and family.Seeing how people get happy and chatty when there's food around them gives me such a warm feeling.

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In the future I want to have a fluffy grey cat and name it Popo.

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This is my favorite quote.I tell this to myself every time I'm facing some difficulties.

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☁️Tamara ⭐️