I've seen a lot of people do these challenges, and because I am in love with creating characters, I've decided to do it too. Harry Potter has been a recent discovery, I didn't see it in my childhood as everyone else, but it was love at first sight!
Now, let us move on to the character...

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Elspeth Rowena Travers, known as Ellie, is a beautiful young woman with long brown hair and grey eyes that change slightly with the light.
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She comes from a very important and influent family. Her mother, Apollonia, was an Auror, her father is a high ranking oficial in the Ministery of Magic. Behind her lies a long line of Ravenclaws, all the women in her family have bore the name Rowena since the begining of the House.
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She loves to read, and the cold of winter. Loving the fact that Hogwarts is in a Mountain in the Scotish Highlands.
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She has a very muggle like style, because she was raised in the Muggle World (although being of pure blood) due to her father's job and the desire of her mother to keep her safe from the instability caused by the First Wizarding War.
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When she got to Hogwarts it came as a surprise that she was sorted into Gryffindor. She questioned the Sorting Hat's judgement more than once in her academic life.
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She has a pet cat named Adela who has the strange habits of sleeping in bathtubs and running around the most damp and decrepit parts of Hogwarts. For most of her first year, Ellie spent hours looking for her, until she finally developed a tracker spell to always know her location.
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Her wand was bought at Olivander's. It was cedar with a phoenix feather core and a saphire handle. It had been extremly temperamental in the begining, but later on was Ellie's best friend, an integral part of her.
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Her favourite class is Charms, and her favourite spell is the Revelio Charm, which allows her to fuel her curiosity.
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She met Fred and George Weasly on the Hogwarts Express in her first years and developed a close friendship with them, enablaling their mischef and sometimes getting in trouble alonside them.
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She loved chocolaty things and that was in fact the way she bonded with the twins on that train.
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After she graduated Hogwarts, she became a fashion designer and later on was a part of the Order of Phoenix. The sacrifices she made in the Second Wizarding War finally made sense of her sorting.
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Fred and Ellie eventually got married at the Borrow, after many tribulations in their relationship. They moved to the house she grew up in, Bluehill Hall, in Scotland, and he normaly apparated to Weasley's Wheezes everyday. They had a daughter named Apollonia Rowena Weasly, although everyone just called her Lola.

And that's it, in my world Fred didn't die, God rest his soul. I hope you liked this little fantasy, and also hope you take part. I would love to see what you come up with.
Lots of laughter,