You may already know me.You may not. But if you don't. Let me describe a short portion about myself.I'm a girl.A girl that blends swiftly into the crowds hoping nobody notices my hurting longing eyes, through the distance of a simple conversation. I'm the type of girl that tries to help anyone in need, but not myself.Who regrets all decisions and mistakes in her life. I'm the type of person that plummets to hard for pretty boys who don't really give a shit about, you. A boy that just replaces you in a matter of days.Like all your fun memories of being with each other, was all just a burning memory in their head. With him just replacing the ashes of the memories of the past of you and I. To your new girl, who apparently is the "perfect girl" for you. Which stung when you told me that she was the girl you love now.. it still does. But I put up a mask to the world and you that I am okay and that I am not hurting. As fooling the world is so easy. Compared to breaking down in front of a stranger who knows nothing about you or the fake people that walk along this planet.Yes, you may be thinking.This girl is just jealous loss cause that just cannot simply move on. Well, you may just be right. I am just a girl that can easily say that I get very attached, to a boy that use to be head over heels for me.But, I guessed that changed. You were so perfect in my eyes. The way your soft hands use to caress my face to your beautiful smile and laugh that could just brighten up my day...But truth to be told it still could. But instead it haunts me. You haunt me without even doing anything.Maybe because I still love you and I am trying to find one aspect of yourself to make myself hate you.I know you may be thinking, what happened to this relationship... Well truth to be told I blame myself for the cause of this beautiful memory to come to a crashing halt.I didn't think he would leave me because I was not hanging out with him as much as I was with my best friend... my guy friend or should I say ex-friend now. I guess you were just so sick of me hanging out with him and the constant lies I would tell, that I would stop hanging out or having any form of contact with my guy friend.I don't know why I couldn't just get my friend out of my life. I don't even understand why I stood up for my friend over the person I loved, the person I cared so much for. The person I have lost.The guy that will repeatedly be in my dreams, my memories.His piercing sky-blue eyes that forever changed colour from grey to green will forever be engraved into my head.The way he stood the way he flicks his hair.I will never be capable of forgetting him because I still hope till this day that he is still thinking about me.I hold hope that he misses me. I hold hope he still loves me.But that's the thing, love is unsweet. Love has caused so much pain and heartbreak to everyone that it feel like I myself have just went overboard. With the feeling of stones wrapped around my feet as if weighing me down. With the feeling of chocking and drowning onto our significant memories as I plummet to the depths of the ocean floor into the murky depths of the eternal abyss.
I am sorry ex-lover, but I know I am receiving what I deserve. I guess even if you accuse me of false allegations, I will always go back to you. I will always love you because love is extremely difficult in many ways.

- Haylee x