here's the thing, i'm a senior this incoming school year. and i can't help but feel sentimental about it? like if i may be completely honest, i tend to imagine things like some cliche video montage, and these would be the songs played in the background.

kpop or non kpop, i absolutely love these songs and all credit goes to the artists, producers, writers, and all the people who helped create these songs. and all these that i will write in this article is completely my opinion (so please don't come for me)

[EPILOGUE: Young Forever by BTS]

believe me when i say this song never fails to make me cry. the lyrics are beautifully written and the song just has a nostalgic feel to it.. not to mention their mv because, to me, it really represents being free and moving forward because that's what we all do when we graduate. right?

"Trying to comfort myself
I tell myself the world can’t be perfect
I start to let myself go"

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[Thank You by GOT7]

this song to me is like saying thank you for all the memories. and sorry for all the times that i've let people down, because that's the last thing i wanted to do. and no matter what happens, i'll always remember you all (the school, the batchmates, everything)

"Back then and even now, your hand
Still holds me warmly"

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sadly no other gif (but i do love youngjae)

[YOUTH by Troye Sivan]

how is see the song is, that your youth or your 'essence' will never change no matter where you are or what you do. and it's also about risking things for the sake of learning/finding out.

"And when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
And the stars exploding, we’ll be fireproof"

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[Glorious by Macklemore]

celebrating that you've survived what seems to be the worst four years of your life! again with the bittersweet on this one

"I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It's who I am, how could I forget?"

[Euphoria by BTS]

this song seems bittersweet when placed in this context, but it's like leaving with a happy heart. being happy or everything that has happened and for what made you who you are today. and this also goes out to my teammates because they give me strength and they will forever continue to be the cause of my euphoria

"I hear the far away ocean
Across the dream, over the horizon
Going to that place that becomes clearer"

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[There For You by Matin Garrix ft. Troye Sivan]

like to show how united we are and how united we will be even if distance comes in between us

"But I can't do this alone
Sometimes I just need a light
If I call you on the phone
Need you on the other side"

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[Magic Shop by BTS]

(i know i'm putting a lot of kpop songs that are mostly bts) but this song really is like a motivation to us who are graduating this year, that even if you're scared, we're here with you

"Let’s make a door in your heart
If you open that door and go inside
This place will be waiting for you
It’s okay to believe, it’ll comfort you, this Magic Shop"

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[One Last Time by Ariana Grande]

self explanatory tbh, the lasts of being in high school will always be bittersweet (but with this song, my heart goes out to Manchester)

"One last time,
I need to be the one
who takes you home"

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[We're All In This Together & High School Musical by High School Musical cast]

the scenes of the third High School Musical. nothing will beat these songs, these are absolutely ESSENTIAL to complete this playlist

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to my incoming batch 2019: let's make the most out of this school year

♡ Aleks


PS: i was supposed to write abt a kpop playlist, but it wouldn't live up to my expectations :)