hi there lovelies! im really into photography and i run a photography page on instagram, that is @latenight.calls and in my quest for..better photos? i have found many great apps. here are my top ones!

1. snapseed

"snapseed is like the boss of all editing apps"

snapseed can totally transform your photo. i just use it to increase/decrease the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and ambiance. i personally dont like the saturation feature because well, i just dont like it. but also, warmth is much better when it comes to increasing the temperature
it takes a while, but when you have the hang of it, youre really gonna feel it. now you might say "vsco app has all the features" but imma say that snapseed is a biiiit more professional and you have more control over your photo

other things that you can do on snapseed

  • double exposure
  • add structure or decrease it (protip: when you have a picture of water body or like youre on a beach, add structure. its gonna make the waves pop, and not make the water look like it was stagnant)
  • white balance
  • perspective
  • great, professional looking black and white filters.
  • more such stuff
beige, tan, and aesthetic image coffee, brown, and pantone image brown, beige, and aesthetic image freckles, tumblr, and beauty image

more apps coming soon!