And guess I’ll never be the one you wanted and I guess that’s alright… yeah, I’m getting used to it, too childish to be loved, but too pretty to be left away. I’ve heard it before and although you didn’t tell me what you really feel yet, I know you don’t feel anything, while I started to feel everything. Everything that means you.

Your smile, your eyes and the way you are. So simple, so complicated… I’m losing my mind, ‘cause nothing ever works. What do you desire, if not me? It’s never me. It’s always other girl that, fuck it, is not even close to what I am… or maybe… I am not enough. I’m never enough.

I’m trying so hard to make you notice that wherever I am, I want you to be there, whenever I need someone to talk, I talk to you and whatever I do, I want you to do it with me, too. And I’m getting tired… tired of loving without being loved, because, you know, life is short. And we’re running out of time. From all my blood, from all my tears, from all the little pieces of my body, MY SO IMPERFECT BODY THAT NO ONE LIKES, I need you.

Did I make the same mistakes? I don’t know…no one told me what I did wrong. I once gave all of me and maybe I didn’t have so many of me left to give to you. But anyway, if you just told me that you really wanted, I would have done anything to give you myself, leaving nothing to me.

I need you, oh, God, I need you so much right now. Because no one ever needed me, I thought you might…might need me too… I thought you saw what I wanted to be seen, I thought someone that hurt so much because of somebody else would never hurt anyone. And maybe you don’t mean to hurt me, but you do. You do. Because I know that whenever you’re with me and you smile, you think about somebody else. Or the other me that I could have been, the one you fell for, in your mind.

But I’m just me, and guess I’ll never be the one you wanted. And I guess that’s alright, ‘cause that’s just how I am: hard to love. And never enough, right?