Hello people!

Summer is coming in the northern hemisphere, so I had the idea to do this article giving some tips on fun things to do in the summer, or when the weather is mild.

sea image summer, pool, and blue image girl, summer, and food image girl, surf, and summer image
* Go to the beach
* Pool party with friends
* Cooking food from the station
* Learn to surf
friends, nature, and bike image water, lake, and photography image stars, night, and sky image haus, house, and Houses image
* Go to the park
* Dive into a lake
* See the stars during a starry
* Spend a few days in a hut in the forest
book, beach, and summer image friends, summer, and beach image girl, indie, and ali michael image Basketball, ball, and sport image
* Start reading a new book and finish before the summer is over
* Have a picnic with friends
* Eat lots of ice cream, Popsicle
* Play sports
comic, batman, and thor image tumblr, matt hitt, and drowners image Barca, fans, and football image girl, friends, and summer image
* Read comics
* Learn to play a musical instrument
* Go to a stadium and watch a game
* Roller skating
skate, boy, and city image adventure, horse, and friends image Image removed memories, photography, and photos image
* Skating
* Horseback riding
* Go to a fun park
* Take lots of photos
party and wedding image movie, friends, and food image girl, bike, and france image girl, pink, and unicorn image
* Prepare a brunch for you, your family and friends
* Watch an outdoor movie
* Ride a bike
* Eat cotton candy
feet, flowers, and nature image book, girl, and map image boy, car, and guy image friends, girl, and car image
* Walk barefoot
* Travel to a very cool place
* Learn to drive
* Feel the wind hitting the face
girl, travel, and photography image netflix, series, and article image Harry Styles, one direction, and boy image art, museum, and tumblr image
* Travel to the neighboring city
* Marathon of films and series
* Write a story
* Go to an exhibition
art, flower, and paint image abs, beauty, and fitness image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 elsa hosk and ping pong image
* Draw, paint, show your artistic side
* Get in shape
* See the sunset
* Play ping pong
girl, summer, and beach image beauty, gucci, and outfit image photography, camera, and memories image emma watson and black and white image
* Sunbathing
* Change the look
* Have a new hobby
* Write a list of things to do next season
anna karenina image skate and skateboard image girls, photo, and travel image love, couple, and city image
* Learn to dance or teach someone to dance
* Do something radical
* Go out with friends
* Fall in love

Well, that's what I hope you enjoyed.

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