Hello, dear! How are you? I hope you’re feeling more energetic than me. These college exams are sucking out all my life left!

In this moment, I’m taking a small break from my study routine. All work and no play made Juliette a dull girl, and nobody likes her that way… not even herself!
I am convinced that studying is extremely important in order to achieve our dreams, but we need to understand that we can’t just let ourselves faint on the books. A study cycle is well-designed when it includes some pause moments too, isn’t it?

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And that’s why I decided to leave here a small list of Netflix series that help me to take a break between a heavy book and a boring presentation. They can all be found on our favourite streaming service, so that everybody can watch them without too many obstacles.

I’m going to list three different dramas and a movie. I know that there are many K-fans around here, so I took some inspiration from them. The series (and movie!) are all Made in Korea, but I think that they are going to satisfy everyone. I chose them because I consider them well-written and acted, and I found myself intrigued by each one of them. If you are looking for something nice to watch, go ahead! And don’t forget to tell me what you think about them with a reaction or a private message.

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In a world full of biased or completely fake news, Argon fits perfectly. It’s about young people striving to find their place in the world, a stressful workplace where the high ranks are not always the guide we need. It’s about doing and saying the right thing, even when it’s hard and nobody wants you to do it.

I’ll be honest with you – Argon is the series that made me want to look for more k-dramas. I watched it together with my bae, who was a bit sceptical at the beginning, but ended up being more intrigued than me. We immediately clicked with the main characters – Yeon-hwa’s struggle with earning a living on her own, Baek-jin’s efforts and compromises to spread the type of journalism he really wants. We laughed together with Choi, but cried with him too.

I’d suggest it as a first Korean watch for those who are used to western series.

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Live is a well-made police drama. Even if they are successful, I am not a fan of series as the American CSI. I feel like everything is about the case the policemen are following, but the main cast is composed by flat people. The characters we find in Live are very different from that standard I was sadly used to. They grow as we watch the series, learn from their mistakes – even if sometimes they need to make the same mistake twice or more times… - and try to make the world they live in a better place.

When I started to watch this series, I could genuinely tell that I disliked Yang-chon’s character, but as soon as I kept watching I begun to understand him and to root for him. He starts as an inflexible teacher and a stubborn husband and colleague, but he learns to come to terms with those who are around him... and with himself.
I really enjoyed it also because very strong themes are touched and well disserted.

I don’t suggest it to people who don’t like to hear about unpleasant things such as rape or abortion. Since the characters are policemen and women, they have to work with every kind of people, and not everyone is happy.

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The sound of your heart

This is very, very funny. I started to watch it because I needed something quick to keep me company at lunchtime, and I found exactly what I was looking for. I learned that watching this series while drinking or chewing is not a good idea – I risked to end up choking on my own lunch too many times.

The characters are flawed, but that’s exactly what makes them so hilarious. They are all inspired by the family and friends of the writer, who also inserts himself in the story – a chronically unlucky web-comic artist.

I suggest it to everyone who’s looking for a light-hearted series and is a bit used to Asian comedy – there are a couple of exaggerated events that may look a bit weird to anyone who is not used to it or quite open-minded.

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I end my list with a movie. Well, it actually feels like you are watching more than one movie – plot twist after plot twist, we end up being shocked by the events, always different from what we thought we were. I’d tell you anything about it, but it would be a spoiler and I would never forgive myself. A heart-felt advice would be to not watch the trailer, it tells you too much!

Being a thriller movie, I don’t suggest it to those who want to have a nice evening with funny friends. To those who are lovers of action and suspense, go for it! You won’t regret it.

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So, that's it for today! Thanks for reading what I wrote. I hope that my list will help you to relax a bit and spend a couple of hours away from your responsibilities.

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