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If adding bold colours to your outfits isn't really your thing' - and you'd much rather rock black from head to toe, then check out this stylish all black outfit inspo you'll instantly fall in love with:

Look #1:

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Black crop top| Black denim shorts| black slides| black fanny pack| black shades

While everyone will be rocking vibrant colours for the summer, you can do something different and turn up to the beach wearing an-ALL black outfit - yup, Black can be worn for the summer too, all you have to do is: throw on some laid back black slides; a black fanny pack to look on trend and to carry your summer essentials with ease; a black crop top (perfect for the blazing summer heat); some denim shorst; and pop on some trendy black slim framed shades - to create an effortlessly cool summer outfit.

Look #2:

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Black bandeau ( crop top) | black highwaisted leggings| black ankle boots| black beret| black cut off shades

This monochromatic outfit is super chic - and its the most fashionable way to blend an outfit without looking like you're trying too hard to look sleek.

Look #3:

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Black midi dress| black stilettos| black over the shoulder bag

Roll up to Girls night out looking expensive af in a classic LBD and black stilletos. Finish off this glamourous look with a black over the shoulder bag.

Look #4:

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Black graphic T-shirt| black leather laced up skirt| black knee high boots

Get that effortless cool-girl look by pairing a black graphic tee with a black lace up skirt. Add some black knee high boots to the mix to complete this insta' worthy outfit.

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