a fan fiction about a foreigner and Kim taehyung, hope you'll like it ;)

protagonist: Audrey
- a 19-years-old girl
- her mother is korean but her father is canadian so she’s been living in

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- she just transfered in a little apartment in Seoul to learn to sing.
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- she lives alone and works part time in a book-CD shop.

- she likes cooking(even though she's not so good), playing piano and ukulele while singing, reading mangas.


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her style:

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DAY 1:

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She enters school for the first time and meets her friends IU and Jungkook

Au: hi IU and kookie
Iu: hi! How are you?
Jk: hello! Welcome in the school
Iu: I’m fine, thanks

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a hot but cute guy is arriving, Audrey doesn’t know him

jk: hey, taehyung, come here, this is the foreign friend, Audrey, I’ve talked you about. He’s Kim Taehyung, my best friend, part of my band.
Tae: nice to meet you *she is cute, I’m surprised

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Au: me too *he smiled so cutely, he’s really nice
Tae: what are you here for?
Au: to sing, and you?
Tae: to dance
Au: ah *so we’re not in the same class… what am I thinking?
Tae: well, bye my class in starting
Au: bye bye *he's also very kind
Jk: I’m coming, bye girls
Iu: see you later, let’s go
Au: yeah

Jk: so, how was your first day?
Au: good thanks to IU
Iu: what about going study in a café?
Au: good idea, so you can help me
Iu: you can ask also taehyung
Jk: I think he’s busy…

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He’s with Red Velvet

Iu: they’re Red Velvet, Audrey
Au: yes I know them *he completely changed from the cute and kind guy from before, now he’s really hot and cool
Iu: you know, Tae is very popular, so he’s always with famous people
Au: what about kookie?
Jk: I prefer staying with you, I don’t like them
Au: thanks *especially with IU! They’re so cute together, I hope they’ll start going out

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Jk: why don’t we have a welcome party for you? With all BTS
Iu: good idea!!!!
Au: oh, thanks! But not today, please, I have to do a lot of things at home
Jk: tomorrow?
Iu: perfect!

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Audrey’s at home cooking
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she hears some loud voices outside so she opens the door and sees Tae with a girl *why is he here?!?

Tae: it’s all over, okay? Why don’t you understand
Girl: why?!?!
She punches him and runs away

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Au: are you okay?

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Tae: *smiling, yeah, you don’t have to worry… you live here?

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Au: yeah and I didn’t intend to listen
Tae: I know, we were shouting…

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Au: I think you’re not okay at all, please let me comfort you a bit, if not I'll also become sad. If you want you can talk to me and take all out, I won’t tell anyone *he’s so sad, I want to help him
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Taehyung is sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall, Audrey sits near him.
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Tae: you’re kind. Well… she was my girlfriend but she betrayed me, why all people betray me? They’re all the same, they don’t think about others, I’m at my limit
Au: *he’s cute when he’s angry, I don’t think that all people are like this, for example me, you can trust me, you’ll notice when you know me.

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Au: don’t stare at me!
Tae: hahahaha you’re different from the others, you’re weird. I’m going now, thanks *now I feel better, she seems a good person

to be continued ....