Hello miracles! ;p

It has been a long week and another is to come. So in the middle of everything going on right now, I thought that I could do something a little bit different than usual.

Since I am 21 now (Oh my god, I'm old -.-), I decided to write about 5 increadably important things that I have learnt from my own experience and to share it with you.

I hope this would be helpful for you guys. I have cracked my head in the wall so many times, because I learn in the hard way. ((: Aaaand lets get started!

1. Your mother is your best friend.
- No matter if you are a girl or a boy. Your mother should be your closest person, because she is the one that cares the most for you. In my teenage years I was distant from my mum and I have looked for help from my friends. Eventually, I learnt that my mum thinks only the best for me and that I can share everything with her. Remember that your mother would never judge you, never take advantage of your weakness, never let you down. Your mum is your guardian angel on earth, so respect and love her! <3

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2. Love yourself.
- When I say "Love yourself" I mean it with an escamation mark. This is really important for your personal health and happiness. Love yourself truly and deeply. Do not let anyone make you think that you are less of a person or that you do not worth it. You deserve happiness, love, peace and self-esteem. And none of this is reachable if you don't love yourself the way you are. You are incrediable, unique and beautiful in your own special way. Never forget that!

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3. Learn to let go of unhealthy relationships.
- At some points of my life I have realized that some of the people in my life should not be in it at all. I am not saying that they are bad people, they were just bad to me, weren't THE people, weren't MY people. It took time, I was sad for a long time, because we have shared so much time together and we had so many memories, but eventually I let go of them. Those were unhealthy relationships - they made me depressed, disapointed, let down, smashed like I am less human and that I am always the guilty one, there were always conflicts and fights. No matter how much you love someone, they do not deserve you breaking for them. So I broke up all connections with them. And I can say that I felt and feel better, happier and more confident and loved. So, no matter how old you are, at what point of your life you are, think of this - "Do I deserve to be broken so someone can feel good or to save a relationship?" I can tell you, the answer is always NO.

4. Try to understand everyone.
- I think of myself as a social hameleon. I can communicate with a lot of different people and I sense how to reach out to them if I want to ;D However, remember that there is always one more point of view at least. Try to see things from a different perspective, with other eyes. This will help you in many situations - in school, work, career, relationships. Every opinion matters, even if we don't like it sometimes.

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5. Never lose sight of your goals.
- You should always have a plan even in the back of your mind. No matter if it is big like home, family or small like finishing that book you started last summer. Think of what you want to reach today, tomorrow and after that. This will inspire you and will keep you going even in the toughest moments. <3

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I hope you have enjoyed it. If you did, make sure to smash that heart button ;pp

Have a great week and lots of smiles!

xoxo Gabbie ~