Name: Lena
Age: 16 in December
Ethnicity : Czech Republican and Thai

architecture, buildings, and city image beach, summer, and paradise image beautiful place, sightseeing, and thailand image architecture, buildings, and cars image
I don't speak either language but I do understand both but to an extent

My look:

fashion, girl, and style image denim, girl, and green image
I couldn't find any photos I liked but i basically have brown eyes,olive skin, black wavy hair and i am short and kinda curvy not really...

My style:

My personality:
I'm trying to find out who I am right now..

Extra facts:

quotes, french, and aesthetic image book, red, and vintage image summer, sea, and travel image cat, bed, and black image
I am learning french and if anyone could give me a hand because i suck message me, merci! I love fashion, reading and swimming. I would also like a small black kitten.

I really wanted to write an article and since this is a new account this is what I came up with.

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