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Anyone who at least once broke his heart or just wounded him, they know that in the facts there is finality. And I realized that if a person wants to leave, you let him go.

Good music touches, it even changes you.

Half-truth is not a lie.

But I think that the absence of a home is not so much a problem of one person as a collective problem. People should be helped when there is such an opportunity.

So much music I'd like to share with you ...

Each of us makes his choice.

"It should have been delicious," I tried to say. "They were eggplants." "Do not torment me with stories about what it was meant to be."

In twenty years, life is much easier, especially when it comes to love. You get acquainted with people, choose them, they choose you. Together you can conquer the world by force, move to Paris, have a children's clan, or become farmers and start growing vegetables. Everything that you wrote about in your diary and what you dreamed about, you live bright, sparkling colors. Life belongs to you, you take it by the horns and live. And here you are together. You dedicate your life to someone without a trace, and everything else is history.

You see, in the streets people look at you, but they do not see you ...

It always happens, then up, down, then the tide, then the ebb. Everything scares and bleeds. But this means living.

You're a sorceress. You make everything happy.

When his sun shines for you, you just ... feel it. But if it does not shine, it becomes cold.

The world of contrasts: on the one hand - beauty, on the other - darkness, and between them, exactly in the middle, separates their trait.

Disappointment is just a stepping stone to the best, to the best.

Money is a terrible beast.

To be honest, I believe that good can and should last.

I thought of the flowers that blossom and wither in the summer, the leaves that acquire glistening shades of gold, and then they wrinkle and fall to the ground. Parents are dying. Love disappears. In the world and in my life the gold of the ages is short.

Cade is Seattle, and Seattle is Cade.

What do we or any of the people know about tomorrow? If I learned something, it's just something that tomorrow can not come at all. And worse, the sun will rise, and the person who owns your heart will disappear, taking a piece of you with him.

I was amazed at how much beauty and tragedy there is in the sea of ​​people, among thousands of people, only one person can really touch you.

Go away, please, until I beg you to stay.

He is mine. I him. And if you ask me. how long I will love Cade, I will answer: as long as the stars shine in the sky, while the waves lie on the sand. Toujours. Forever.