Summer Lookbook 2018


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Shorts are your best friend this summer! To spice up your outfit you can put on a statement belt or try something else beside denim hotpants. Try shorts with a nice summer print and it will make you stand out.


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Dresses nowadays are rather simple with some stripes or flowers on it. When you want to have the real summer casual vibes, try a dress with a simple colour with stripes or just a really tight dress with a bold colour to be noticed.


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One pieces can be seen as both a jumpsuit/romper or two seperate pieces that come together really well. I personally love that this is the trend of the summer and these one pieces will definitely will make you stand out, because there are so many different pieces of these. Besides, they are really comfy!

Swimsuit / Bikini

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There are many swimsuits that you can choose from. Nowadays, a bikini is seen as a statement piece. People want to stand out and choose bold bikinis. However, many also choose a simple one colour bikini. Whatever suits you best!


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Many believe that when you can't walk on heels all day, but these days there are many comfy heels that you can easily wear the whole day. Heels can be an additional piece to your statement outfit and make the outfit a little bit more classy and sexy. There are many styles of heels that are comfy and fashionable.

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