THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE WILL BE ME SPILLING THE TEA ABOUT MY NIGHT :) ENJOY (I am also gonna throw in 5sos all over cause they make me happy and im highkey mad rn;)

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Trusting people has always been somewhat of a hit or miss for me, and most of the time I tend to put my trust in the wrong people. Of course, I have many people that I certainly can trust, and do trust that I'm sure are going to keep my information between us, But sometimes there will be someone that you put your trust into and they throw it away. You won't see it coming and you won't expect it, they just do it and leave you in the shock of the moment. Naturally it's normal to be upset or sad by this, or in some cases, petty. For me it is usually petty, over the years I have grown to be amazing at being petty, but it tends to only work on females, I truly think that is because i have so many female friends that it is just easier but all i know is that it is very hard for me to be petty or upset with any of my male friends for long periods of time.

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For instance, the exact inspiration behind this article came to be when I got into a fight with my guy friend approximately an hour ago. We will just call him Caleb.
Now, I have always been honest with Caleb, I tell him all my secrets, all my problems and many personal things that go on in my life and as our friendship has progressed through the years I would have expected that the things i told him would always stay between us, and I really did trust him, so tonight Caleb and I were talking and I will say I was being distant, I had a rough night and I really wasn't in a good place, so naturally when he asked what was wrong I was straight up and was comfortable telling him what was wrong. There were a few texts sent after this before I received a text from him saying "SORRY MY FRIENDS TOOK MY PHONE" and me being me my mind went into overdrive and I panicked. I responded quickly, being very petty and dramatic, by saying, "ya know what I don't really wanna talk rn, bye.". Caleb very quickly responded apologizing and saying that his friend only responded once but in my mind I was still thinking that his friend could have easily scrolled up and read everything we were talking about, I told Caleb that I really did not want to talk at the moment but he kept apologizing and soon he started to say this "you're right i just fuck everything up." and me being the over emotional person I am, I felt bad, but I was still pissed so I told him to stop and he responded with "whatever." and then I left him on read.

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Aaaaannnnnddd now here we are, as of right now (12:40 AM) all I want to do is text him and apologize for being such a dramatic bitch but at the same time I am still upset, which I suppose isn't that fair, it wasn't necessarily his fault but still, it still hurts a lot and technically I have good reason to be upset. Yet some how whenever I get into a fight with one of the three close male friends that I have, I always feel the need to apologize first even when the fight is entirely their fault. I am not entirely sure where this article was heading but I don't know weather or not I should text him and apologize or not. Honestly I don't know what to do. BUT input would be highly appreciated, so DM me either here or in instagram @arielamanzo , I really would appreciate it :). So yeah, there's the tea sis.