My favorite movies on Netflix

Once I was a Beehive

once i was a beehive image once i was a beehive image
I don't watch movies more than once usually, but I've watched this 4 times, and I still love it.


winona ryder, Heathers, and 80s image 80s, Heathers, and winona ryder image
I love this movie with a genuine passion. It's also very quotable.

13 Going on 30

childhood, 13 going on 30, and movie image jennifer garner, 13 going on 30, and jenna rink image
Honestly one of my favorite rom-coms. 10/10

To The Bone

actress, ellen, and lily collins image lily collins and to the bone image
It's a movie about eating disorders and is done so incredibly well.


dog, hachiko, and movie image dog, hachiko, and hachi image
Definitely have tissues before you watch this one. I cried. A lot.
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