This time of the year is difficult for me, I´ve go back to my hometown, and it is kind of hard for me. Is not that I don´t want to spend some time with my dearest family is just that I´ve anxiety for not knowing what to do all summer and two, leave my love floating on these streets, not knowing if he is going to miss me, if he will still feel the same or if I lose the spot I have on his heart. I mean, why do I have to leave?

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A dearest friend of mine once told me, that friendship can resist long distance for a long period of time. And the cool part is that I´m not concern about my friends, I know they still keep me in their thoughts, but I concern about someone who is my friend but I wish we could be more…

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This summer is going to be different for me, I have new goals to achieve in this next months. But it felts so weird & so not me, I´ve always put the necessity of being around him first than anything in the world. But this move comes from my inner B, I need to show myself that I can have goals for my own that I can love myself that I can be U N S T O P A B L E.

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Many of us has this stupid problem of being stuck in the memories that someone left us, it´s cool to remember the people who were with us in the past, especially in the hardest moments, but do we really want to live of the leftovers from our past? What´s the point? I´ve never been concern of that till now, I´ve lost so much time in the past few years, thinking in what did I do wrong? Why he has left me? Or why I´m not right for him? & all that bullshit.

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Now I realize that in a year nothing is going to be the same so I´ve to take all the opportunities the life has to offer me and visualize myself as a new kind of bitch. A powerful one.
In the past few years I´ve teaching myself to appreciate everything & everyone more, see the beauty & the good in every circumstance that God & the universe has putting me in my path. Since I´ve been doing that I see the world different, I perceive feelings differently. I watch people more closely & recognize their feelings, about certain things, with just one look. Many people say that miracles does not happen overnight so, I´ll keep praying for mine to happened & see what is going on from here till I change my mind, again.

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