Sometimes you may feel more fragile than a butterly´s wing but don't stress, you have feelings and like a cristal glass they can fall and break. Sometimes the glass breaks into big pieces that are easy to clean up and put back together; other times the glass can shatter into tiny pieces, harder to clean up and what can feel as difficult as walking through a field of thorns to mend.

Don't be mad at your feelings and don't fight them because it´s like trying to cover your own shadow. Like fighting a war with yourself where the only fate is hurting yourself more. Instead, remember that you are special and unique and worthy of so much love. Give love to yourself by telling yourself how gorgeous and extraordinary you are, how everything is always working out for you, and how there are wonderful people and lovely moments waiting for you.

Embrace the way you feel - accept it. Accept that sometimes you're fragile, that sometimes you have expectations on people or situations but they let you down, that sometimes someone whom you love about doesn't feel the same, that sometimes you just feel down and you have no idea why.

♡ On these days I like to watch funny and romantic movies, to listen to romantic songs, and to fondle myself with a home spa and good food. It´s how I reming myself that I am always worthy of love, respect and appreciation, and that if I want to get that from other people I must start with myself. Plus, it makes me feel loads better to see people in movies laughing and falling in love and to listen to amazing lyrics written by artists who love someone or something.

"Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes, but its the only thing that I know."
- Ed Sheeran

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